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Group Fitness

All Group Fitness classes are included in the weekly membership.
These sessions are always a surprise with a different workout every day.
Incorporating body weighted exercises with equipment like sleds ropes & box jumps, they are challenging, fun and suitable for all fitness levels & abilities.
Each session lasts 30 minutes with a warm up included. Designed to raise your heart rate & maximize your fat burning ability you will leave these sessions exhausted, exhilarated & excited for the next session.

kick n box

Kick n Box classes are included in the weekly membership. Incorporating boxing techniques with body weighted exercises these classes are very popular.
A partnered high impact workout that lasts 30 minutes and are designed to burn body fat and increase your fitness.

Boxing gloves and pads are provided.

kids group fitness class

These classes are appropriately designed to be fun and challenging for the two separate age groups.
In what is becoming a sedentary world, kids are encourage to develop and improve balance, coordination, muscular endurance and strength.
Classes focus on functional movements in a "fun" setting which progresses in difficulty as they improve.
The kids climb, jump, balance, run and more as we focus on them enjoying and acknowledging how good it feels to move their bodies.
These classes run in line with the school terms and are available in a 10 pack purchase

Stretch & Mobility

Stretch & Mobility is included in the weekly membership price.
Do you remember when you could bend & move without the tightness & aches and pains? Take advantage of the stretch classes & improve your flexibility, mobility & performance. A low impact class designed to complement your existing training & schedule and improve your movement in day to day activities.

Core Ball

Core Ball classes are included in the weekly membership price.
These classes use Swissballs to build core strength and develop flexibility and balance. These are a low impact class & are suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced.

Please Note: you need to bring your own swiss ball to these sessions.

Body Shaper

This program is separate to the Weekly Membership price but does include all group fitness classes.
A 10 wk exclusive program that is designed to maximize your bodies fat burning ability during and well after the workout whilst creating tone, shape & definition.
Body Shaper program uses resistance training to increase your lean muscle mass, correct imbalances & improve weaknesses. Similar to Personal Training all programs are custom written for each persons goals & abilities.
Working in small groups of up to 6 creates a supportive and focused environment that helps each member work harder towards their goals.

The Body Shaper Program is designed for those wanting to maximize their results and is by application only.

online coaching

This system really allows you to have a coach in your pocket. A fully structured & personalized training and nutrition program that includes ongoing support and motivation.
As part of this program you will learn how to lose weight & keep it off for the rest of your life without the use of a meal plan.
The online coaching program provides participants with ongoing support, motivation & accountability

• Be guided by someone who has done it themselves and understands the ups & downs you are going through.
• Learn how to break those habits that have been holding you back.
• Overcome emotional eating
• Enjoy food & weight loss at the same time.
• Train only a handful of hours a week
• Adaptable to any busy lifestyle.

Online Coaching is suitable to those who do in-house training at Gym It or training at a separate gym facility.