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High - Intensity - Interval - Training

All H.I.I.T classes are included in the weekly membership.
These sessions last 30 minutes and alternate short bursts of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods.
H.I.I.T workouts improve athletic capacity as well as creating a great fat burning stimulus.


BoxFit classes are included in the weekly membership. Incorporating boxing techniques with body weighted exercises these classes are a lot of fun and quite popular
A partnered high impact workout that lasts 30 minutes and are designed to burn body fat and increase your fitness.

Boxing gloves and pads are provided - you will need to bring your own boxing inners.
Inners are cotton gloves. They are available at the reception for $2


These sessions are designed to suit all fitness levels and abilities.

Circuit classes combine Endurance, Resistance & High Intensity Aerobic exercises into a 30 minute session that will improve your cardiovascular fitness whilst aiding with fat loss

Moving between stations at either timed intervals or set rep intervals these provide a great full body workout


This is a 45 minute Low Impact class, that combines Pilates & Yoga moves to focus on the contractions of individual muscles.

Mat Pilates focuses on small ranges of movement, and is perfect for improving core, back & glute strength, while improving stability

Please bring a yoga mat for your pilates class


Want the best of both worlds. A balanced mix ofyoga and Pilates: focusing on strengthening the abdominal muscles, the lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and glutes with body weighted moves. While combing "asana" (postures) and "pranayama" (breathing) to really fire up the body whilst calming the mind


A hybrid style workout using strength and explosive based moves interspersed with intervals of high volume cardio. These workouts are designed to increase strength, fitness & speed and really elevate your athletic output capacity

Les MIlls Body Pump

Les Mills Body Pump is included in the weekly membership price.

Body Pump is a 60 min workout using light to moderate weights with high reps to give you a total body workout.

You will be coached through moves and techniques as you work through a choreographed routine to great music.
We also have an Xpress Body Pump on Wednesdays, that is a 45min Kids Welcome Session. Enjoy your workout while the kids are entertained in a separate room


Based on the Barkan Method this Hatha Style yoga, normally practiced in a heated room, combines "asana" (postures) and "pranayama" (breathing) to really fire up the body whilst calming the mind. This style of yoga aids in total body strength, flexibility, quiteness of mind and nourishment of soul

Please bring a yoga mat for your pilates class

heated YOGA

Performed in a heated room to increase muscle suppleness and breath work. Heated Yoga is a fantastic class that compliments any training program well

Please bring a yoga mat for your pilates class


25min class that uses a combination of body weighted and equipment based exercises to increase endurance and fitness while maximising fat loss efforts


A 25 minute interval based class that has 4-8 exercises per class. Focusing on teaching technique & allowing people to decide when they are ready to try the other classes


A 1hour low impact class that focuses solely on these three areas; Thighs-Tummy-Bums

Using a higher repetition base with isometric contractions that compliment the full range of motion movements, this class "hits the spot"