Head Trainer

Jamie Warland

Jamie Warland

founder of gym it

Coming from an unhealthy background, Jamie fell in love with the sense of achievement and strength that comes with completing a tough workout.

As a mum of 3, she understands the pressures of balancing work, family and your health. She believes we are better parents when we feel better about ourselves, and that allowing ourselves a little bit of time to do something that makes us feel good sets a positive self-care example for our kids.

She is a passionate believer in stepping outside of your comfort zone and continuously setting goals to chase – no matter how big or small they are.

From a trainers point of view the best change I can see in my client is the one when their mindset changes and they start to believe in themselves. It’s then that they become unstoppable and I love that.

She believes everyone is capable of anything, they just have too want it enough.

Jamie is a certified Sports Nutritionist and works with her clients in an online capacity covering training and nutritional needs.

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Qualified personal trainer



‘Owner of ‘Mitch Fit’, Qualified PT and Group Trainer at Gym it’


His passion for fitness began at age 12 when he discovered CrossFit and he has not looked back since.


Mitch’s on going passion for helping people to hit their goals is what made him choose this industry. He is a strong believer in health for life, loves mucking around and enjoying life, being healthy and conscious in the mind and pushing people to be the best version of themselves.


He offers goal specific 1 on 1 training for all comers and takes pride in his personalised programming and training.  As well as being a passionate group fitness instructor at the studio, Mitch is heavily involved in the current studio and will also be involved in the 24hr Gym.


His passion for developing skills and knowledge has found him currently studying a diploma in Nutrition, furthering his ability, knowledge and practices. 

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Qualified personal trainer



A trainer who has walked the path herself, she wants to help you achieve your full potential.


Nadine began her life changing health and fitness journey in 2016. Coming from a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and exercise, she understood that in order for her to have permanent changes she had to make some big changes

Her weight loss journey started with the desire to be skinny, but it quickly developed into a passion for being strong and capable.


Her journey has not been smooth sailing. As with all transformations she had to learn to juggle work, training, nutrition and family and friends whilst developing new habits and skills that supported her goals.


Her passion for being strong, capable and having enough self belief in your own abilities to do whatever you desire is what she wants to help people discover in themselves and was a driving force in her becoming a Personal Trainer.


As a person who has been through a transformation herself; successfully lost over 30kg and kept it off and has positively changed her mindset; she understands and appreciates what it takes and is able to support others through it.


Nadine Operates the Body Shaper Program.

This is an exclusive 10 week program that runs in line with school terms and is designed to shape your body and enhance your fat burning capabilities.  

Created to fit into a busy lifestyle, Body Shaper uses resistance training to increase lean muscle, correct imbalances and improve weaknesses. 

Working in small groups of up to six in the Private Personal Training Room, Body Shaper is a supportive and positive environment to work in

All programs are tailor made for each person, taking into account goals and limitations.
Body Shaper is suitable for beginner and advanced trainers and participation in Body Shaper is by application only.
You can contact Nadine through the social media icons below or 


Email; nadine@gymit.com.au
Phone; 0488 328 999


Qualified personal trainer



Nick has worked in the Fitness Industry since 2011, and in that time has witnessed the nerves and anxiety that many people have about training in a gym.  Because of this he is passionate about helping and teaching people how to become comfortable and confident in a gym environment.

As a Personal Trainer, Nick understands that there is more to a transformation than “just working out”. For many there is a lot of mental and emotional work that must be done to create a lasting change, and this is something he looks forward to helping his clients achieve at Gym It.

His goal is not only to educate his clients on safe training techniques, whilst helping them build confidence in their bodies abilities, but also to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to train on any gym floor no matter where they are. 

Working with Nick as your Personal Trainer, he will help you build a training routine that is adaptable to your lifestyle and schedule while still working towards your goals. 

As a Personal Trainer, Nick is available for 1:1 training on either the gym floor or in the Private Personal Training Room – a feature that is unique to Gym It

You can contact Nick through his Social Media Pages below or 

email nickkennettpt@outlook.com to arrange a time to chat