Where Needs are met
Skills are developed
abilities are challenged

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Head Trainer - Jamie Warland

Jamie is the founder of Gym It.
Coming from an unhealthy background, Jamie fell in love with the sense of achievement and strength that comes with completing a tough workout. As a mum of 3, she understands...
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Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor - Sarah Ness

Sarah is a qualified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor. She regularly instructs a Group Fitness classes as well as 1:1 & 2:1 Personal Training Sessions....read more

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About Us & our studio

Located in historic Strathalbyn the Gym It is a studio unlike others.

Gym It was opened by Jamie Warland as a way for her to share her passion of exercise and the benefits it has for physical & mental health.   As a big believer in stepping out of your comfort zone, Jamie designs the workouts to do just that; regardless of where your fitness is at.

The Gym It studio is a place where Needs are met, Skills are developed & Abilities are challenged.

With a huge range of equipment like sleds, plyo boxes, ropes, kettlebells, wall balls & rowers and assault bikes to come at the new premises– there is truly a challenge for everyone in every workout.

But don’t start thinking the studio is just a place for cardio workouts.   The new studio has a separate weights training room designed and kitted out for the sole purpose of lifting.

And step out the back of the new studio & you’ll find there’s even more surprises.

An entire area designated to developing obstacle racing skills with rope climbs, monkey bars, cargo walls & roman rings.  Members of the Gym It crew are well equipped to take on any obstacle race if they choose.

There are also lower impact classes offered to ensure your health and fitness has a holistic approach.


They are not here to be better than the person next to them, they are here to be better than they were yesterday.
At Gym It every single person matters.

We know each other by name
We support each other
We encourage each other
And we build each other up

There are no “clients” at Gym It; every person is a member of the Gym It Family. There is a unique culture at Gym It. It’s not something you will find in the big brand name gyms, and we are very protective of this culture. Our community is full of people who want to achieve. want to achieve, and our focus is to help each member achieve their individual goals.

Group fitness

All group fitness classes are included in the weekly membership.
These sessions are always a surprise with a different workout every day.
Incorporating body weighted exercises with equipment like sleds ropes & box jumps, they are challenging & fun.

Each session lasts 30 mins with a warm up included.

Designed to raise your heart rate & maximize your fat burning ability you will leave these sessions exhausted but pumped for the next session all at the same time.