Why sleep is affecting your will power

You just can’t resist the sweets, you crave them!

‘Why do I have such terrible will power’ you ask yourself

‘Just don’t eat it’ your friends say

‘Just don’t buy it’ your partner says

‘Just have a carrot instead’ your parents say

But what if there’s more to it then ‘Just Don’t ?’

What if it’s not a lack of will power?

What if there is something your doing that has nothing to do directly with food, but it has a negative effect on your food attempts

It’s time to look at things from a different perspective, it’s time to try a different approach

The thing is Nutrition is never really about food

You know what you should and shouldn’t eat. As a general rule you understand food. So maybe it’s not the food you need to look at, but other factors instead.

How’s your sleep for example?

Are you getting enough, is it a good quality?

Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality can derail even the strongest of wills.

Now I know you’re reading that and thinking “I can survive on 3-4 hours sleep a night” and you probably can. But we’re not talking about getting enough sleep to just function throughout the day assisted by a bucket of caffein; we’re talking about sleep being used to restore optimal health and wellness

“Researchers estimate 3% of the population may contain a gene that enables them to function at normal levels after only 4 hours of sleep. that means 97% of us are left in a sleep deficit”

Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can have an effect of the area of your brain that is responsible for emotion

Scientists studied this part of the brain and the responses it showed when paticipants were presented with high fact high caloric foods

Those who were sleep deprived responded with heightened activity to the high fat high caloric foods, where as decreased activity was shown when the same sleep deprived participants were presented strawberries, carrots and apples.

So you see, it may not be a lack of will power – it could be a lack of sleep leading you through the maccas drive through in the mornings

So now you’re armed with these facts it’s a matter of making sure you get to bed at a respectable time and have adequate sleep

Easier said then done right? You’re a busy person right? How are you supposed to get to bed early and still get everything done?

It’s a matter of priorities

First of all, get off facebook and Instagram. Don’t scroll your productive time away

Then ask yourself – do I really need to do all these things tonight, is it a big drama if it happens tomorrow?

Can you delegate some night duties to family members – share the load?

Start to create a bed time routine. Take the time to sit down with a cup of camomile tea for example. Don’t wander around tidying up; sit down, relax and unwind.

It may take a little while to find a night time routine that works for you, but if your persistent you’ll find the right routine and create the habits that support better sleep which in turn will support your better food choices

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