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Kylie Williams Before Gym It

Jamie has helped me deal with my anxiety about exercising and my negative thought processes.


Kylie Williams After Gym It
I started fearful, fat, fatigued and fed up. Didn't want to talk about how big I had become, didn't want to talk about my stroke, didn't want to talk about me!! I have done pretty much every fad diet you could think of. I had joined numerous gyms and always had the trainer call me a great before photo, or a challenge. A breaking point happened for me and I had to get serious.
I joined the Gym It family 3 years ago. Jamie has helped me through my tantrums, tears, tragedies and triumphs. These 3 years she has given me the tools to be able to lose 50 kilos and keep it off. Jamie has helped me deal with my anxiety about exercising and my negative thought processes. My journey has not been all rainbows and sunshine, but I'm still here and have been supported all the way through. I am still on this weight loss journey but I am secure in the knowledge that Jamie will have my back through all the ups and downs.
The community that Jamie and Sarah have established at the gym is supportive, friendly, fun and challenging. The support that is given is not only physical, but mental health is a priority. Not only am I at the gym but Bazz has joined and my kids are going to be part of it as well.
Kylie Williams

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