Just eat the f@$k’n cupcake!

I can’t have that because I’m on a diet

No thank you I’m on a diet

Thanks but I’ll pass I’m on a diet

Only to go home and hide in the pantry stuffing the cake in your face because if no one sees you it doesn’t count – you can still say you’re on a diet right?

But then of course the guilt then comes in. The feeling of failure; asking yourself “why can’t I just stick to a fucking diet!?  What’s wrong with me?”

This is followed by falling to your knees and pledging your next born child as a sacrifice if the almighty – be that God or Colonel Sanders himself – just bestow on you the willpower to not eat the cupcake

Then of course you pledge TOMORROW!!! 

I’ll do it right starting tomorrow; I’ll be better starting tomorrow 

Only tomorrow it’s not a cupcake, tomorrow it’s the tim-tams you hid at the back of the fridge for a rainy day

And so the cycle goes on and on and on

The problem isn’t the cupcake or the Tim Tams
The problem isn’t even that you brought them
The problem isn’t with your will power or perceived lack of will power

The problem is with your unrealistic expectation that to be successful you can’t eat a cupcake for the rest of your life

Diets restrict foods

A healthy sustainable lifestyle encourages you to enjoy and appreciate all foods

If 90% of the time you are eating pretty good choices, do you really think one cup cake is going to destroy you?

No it’s not is it.

But what does destroy your efforts is eating ALL the cupcakes – not stopping at that one

Tight ass food restrictions and meal plans that leave no room for enjoyment create this problem

First of all you have to be honest with yourself , what type of personality are you ?  Abstainer or Moderator?

Can you have the cupcakes in the house and not eat them all?  Then you’re a moderator


Are you the type who finds yourself in the cupboard eating them all before you know what you’re really doing?  They you’re an abstainer

Once you identify what type of personality you are; play to your strengths. If you’re an abstainer do not have the cupcakes in the house

In my experience, I’ve found people tend to binge on these sorts of things because they don’t take the time to enjoy them 

We live busy lives.  We eat on the run.  The cupcake is grabbed as we rush around between different jobs, because of this we don’t really taste the cupcake – therefore it hasn’t satisfied us, so we grab another and another

And this is how we blow all our best efforts

Instead try taking 5 mins, make yourself a cup of coffee and sit down with the cupcake, put your feet up, breathe and enjoy the cake… I mean actually taste it.  If you can, take the opportunity and go out for a coffee and a cake – make a bit of an occasion of it 

Do not attach guilt to it, you’re not eating it every day.  Enjoy it and you will feel more satisfied by it

Not only will this go along way to curbing the binges and removing the guilt but it will help you continue on your journey without feeling like you are living a life of deprivation or failure. 

Seeking perfection is boring and overrated

Life’s to short not to enjoy a cupcake