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“I figure that even if I don’t perform as well as I would like, doing something is better than doing nothing”


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Even in my young life I was never an athletic person and as the years have ticked by, I found myself becoming increasingly less active in my lifestyle. Over time, my job became less physical and then I also had to start commuting to the other side of Adelaide to get to and from work. I felt that I didn’t have the time or energy to be able to get my body moving in order to counteract the many hours spent sitting at my desk and in the car travelling. I was living the ultimate sedentary life and along with that came all the typical side effects: weight gain, fatigue, lack of fitness and lower self esteem. However, I can be a determined character (when I put my mind to it) and there came a time when I knew that I needed to give myself a kick in the behind and do something about increasing my physical activity. After all, nobody else could do that for me. I had to put my big girl pants on, take ownership of that and I deserved better than what I was doing to myself! Enter Jamie and Gym It into my lifestyle. I am a creature of habit so what works best for me is to add to my daily routine bit by bit. I have to maintain consistently otherwise I will start to give myself excuses to drop things from my routine. Even if I feel tired and don’t feel like I have the energy for training, I turn up to the session anyway. I figure that even if I don’t perform as well as I would like, doing something is better than doing nothing. I always leave feeling like I have worked hard but I am invigorated and very happy that I made the decision to be more active. I began attending the evening cardio and boxing classes and found a great, friendly and supportive group of people with a wide range of different ability levels all being encouraged and challenged to work towards self improvement in their individual fitness journeys. After a few months of cardio (3 nights a week), it was time to add to my fitness routine and I knew that resistance training is an important addition for strengthening and changing body shape. I spoke with Jamie and then got to say hello to the Body Shaper Program doing weight training as well. To compliment the training that I was doing, I did a round of Nutrition so that I could learn the best way to fuel my body to provide the energy that it requires. My fitness is a work in progress and not only do I feel myself getting stronger, I see the changes as well. At the end of a workout, I still leave feeling like I have worked hard but what I can achieve in a session now is very different. I have even completed a few obstacle courses which is something I never thought that I would do and (dare I say it) even enjoy in some warped way! So Jamie and Gym It are now well and truly a part of my daily routine and most evenings through the week I can be found with my Gym It Family. The new health and fitness habits that I have formed with Jamie’s help and encouragement have also rubbed off on my Daughter as well, but that is another story.....
Jo Dix

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