How to achieve that toned & defined look

Never have I met someone who said I want to lose 10kg and I don’t care if I’m untoned and jiggly, as long as the scale number is 10kg less than it is now.

What people do say is, I want to lose 10kg and look toned and defined

Those last two words “‘toned and defined” that is what most people really want.

They scroll social media and see all the fitness models, both men and women. They are shapely, toned, defined and healthy. This is the image they want to achieve.

But they go about achieving this goal the wrong way. Thinking if they lose 10kg they will look toned and defined. So typically they up the cardio and cut the calories. What they achieve is 10kg loss of scale weight, but they still don’t have that toned look they really wanted.

So they add more training in; more classes, more walks/runs. They reduce the crap food even more but don’t increase the good food. The scales drop more but still no toned and defined body appears. Why?

Why? Because this approach results in people losing fluid and muscle, not fat.

Yes the scales move down, but it’s not for the right reasons.

Understand this;

The toned defined look you seek is created by muscles.

  • Muscles require fuel/food. Reducing calories reduces their ability to be strong and look amazing.
  • Excessive cardio (Especially steady state cardio) will result in reduced muscle mass

Doing these things means you are restricting your bodies ability to become toned and defined. It is completely counter productive to your actual goal.

So how do you really get that toned and defined look?

Tone and definition comes from muscles. You can completely change the shape of your body by building muscles.

Want Shapely shoulders? Increase the size of your delts

Want more shape to your legs? Increase the size of your quads

Want a lifted butt? Increase the size of your glutes

Want to get rid of the “batt wings”? Increase the size of your triceps

How much of this muscle you show is completely up to you.

The less body fat you have the more toned and defined you will look.

The more body fat you have the more “bulky” you will appear.

You really are the artist of your body and can create the image you desire.

And to achieve this they need to do the exact opposite of what they think they need to do.

When people say “I want to be toned and defined” what they really want is to lose body fat and too show muscle definition

First and foremost, you need to increase your calories. Cut the crap food and increase the quantity of the good stuff. Carbs, fats & proteins; it’s all needed.

Secondly, reduce your cardio; use this sparingly and make it short and intense

And finally, Lift heavy weights; progressively increase your weights through different rep ranges.

Building muscle and creating a toned and shapely body does not necessarily mean the scale weight will drop.

If you’ve lost scale weight but still not happy with your body, it probably means you need to build muscle mass to tighten and shape your body.

Nadine had always wanted a toned and defined body. She had spent years trying to achieve it. She cut her calories, she ran to the gym did a workout and ran home – sometimes doing that twice a day. She would lose weight and then regain it plus more, never successfully achieving the result she wanted.

Until she focused on increasing her muscle mass. For 2.5years she has lifted weights and eaten lots and lots of healthy food, using cardio sparingly. And for 2.5years she has continued to become leaner, more toned and shapely and stronger.