Eating clean but the weights not shifting?

Why you may not be losing weight even though you’re “eating clean”

First of all; no matter which way you look at weight loss you MUST be in a calorie deficit to reduce your body fat. Just how much of a calorie deficit is a whole other subject, so back to the point

I hear these things all the time;

I have a really clean diet……

I don’t eat any junk – I need to exercise more

I eat pretty healthy etc etc etc;

But the weight still isn’t shifting…….

You google the clean eating recipes; You meal plan with clean eating recipes that the insta famous people share (not taking into account the absurdly blessed genetics of these people, where as us mere mortals so much as consume 2 mouthfuls too much of the wrong food and our asses blow out in our jeans!)

And still the weight is not shifting despite your best attempts to eat clean.

The simple fact of it is, it’s not moving because you’re not in a calorie deficit.

Even with eating clean it’s incredibly easy to over eat

Lets look at this recipe below Healthy Overnight Oats – looking at the quantities I’ll assume this makes around 2 serves

Putting the breakdown into my fitness pal -at 2 serves this Healthy clean eating breakfast gives you a huge 622 calories for one meal!

The protein is great at around 30g but the FATS are huge at 24g and the carbs are almost half the amount of what I’d eat in a day – and I eat ALOT

Not to mention there are some carb choices in this meal that will cause glucose levels to increase quickly, which will lead to a release of insulin, and unless your body is in need of the energy that amount of glucose produces, your body will inevitably convert it to fat to possibly use as energy later if and when its in short supply.

Shall we use another recipe?

What about Banana Oatmeal Pancakes?

Now this recipe gives us 3 serves, so putting all of this into My Fitness Pal we come to 305 calories for 1 serve of pancakes – without any fruits or honey etc drizzled across the top

Clean eating is one thing, and if you are just starting out and removing your “junk food” from your diet than the concept of clean eating is a great place to start and will likely give inital results

But eventually an understanding of foods and their values / effects on our body will need to be developed to see you go further than those initial steps

So if you are at that point, you’re clean eating but the weights not shifting – maybe it’s time to start looking deeper.