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Wow what an exciting year it has been for me and family. I started the journey with Jamie’s Gym it after seeing the great result my wife had. I thought to myself I should get out there and do something about my fitness levels and weight. Since I was eating poorly and Kylie was following the MP- Plan it made sense to me to eat the same, no point in having to cook 3 different meals (kids are fussy). With this in mind, I asked kylie to talk to Jamie about me joining the online group of Gym it which I did. When the program started last year, I found it a bit confronting having photos taken and having measure over the body done. It really showed me I had to do something. I soon realised I was not eating the right amount of food and way too much processed food. In a few short months I was walking more and wanting too. I can feel the difference in clothes that I thought I would never get back into, fit better now (depending on what brand and make grrr). About Gym it the online program is great for people that do not have the time to go to the gym. It is a learning process this fitness, eating better and trying to unlearn things from the past that you thought was good for you. The scales do not matter the mirror is better. Jamie gives that 110% all the time (do not know how she does it) The program gives you guidance and Jamie is there to point you in right direction to achieve your goals and set challenges. The type of goals changes from when you start mine was weight loss not anymore running is one of mine now and doing things I would not of ever dream about like completing true grit and wanting to get a better time next year. The program is ever changing hard to get stuck in a rut. Great job Jamie
Barrie Williams

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Lyneece Naylon

Amanda Stroh

If you are thinking of taking control of your health & well being I’d highly recommend talking about your goals with Jamie! You won’t regret it

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Jo Dix Gim It - After
Lyneece Naylon

Jo Dix​

I figure that even if I don’t perform as well as I would like, doing something is better than doing nothing

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