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Amanda Stroh


“If you are thinking of taking control of your health & well being I’d highly recommend talking about your goals with Jamie! You won’t regret it”


I first started dealings with Jamie back in 2014, when I did a 12 week body transformation and had awesome results, however, my mindset was not in it and soon enough the weight crept back on.
In 2015 I fell pregnant and to be honest, my mind frame was like "oh well, I'm gonna get fat anyway, I'm going to eat what I want" little did I know what a detriment that would be and cause me to gain over 20kg in pregnancy.
Fast forward to the end of 2016, here I am, a new mum to my beautiful boy (born April 2016). I was consciously thinking I needed to do something but didn't get the ball rolling.
In January 2017 we went on a family holiday to Victoria & came home via the Great Ocean Road, I loved having pictures with my little family but knew I was "bigger than I used to be" so was self conscious of this.
It was once we returned home & I saved the photos to my computer that I realised I needed to do something more, this was my turning point so I contacted Jamie & started in Group Fitness classes.
At my first class I felt ashamed, I felt disappointed and like people would judge me because of "what I used to be like" and scared they would compare this. I get there, workout & realise this was all in my head and was pleasantly surprised by all of the support. I thought since I'm giving group fitness a go why not get out my previous nutrition guide and start reading it. This made a huge difference and by recording my food I was able to be accountable to myself and see why results hadn't worked in the past. I then had a thought that I needed to get back into resistance training (weights) & had looked into other gym memberships, when Jamie approached me and asked if I'd like to train with her, I took on the opportunity guns blazing. This is when combining group fitness, resistance training & nutrient timing gained results and I was steadily losing weight and centimetres for 8-10 months.
In September 2018, I also incorporated less intense activities into my training program, this is where my results fast-racked, my goal was to be under 90kg for the photoshoot (in October 2018) and by the middle of October I smashed this goal, weighing in at 84kg.
So far (7th November 2018) I've had a total loss of 30kg since having my baby. It wasn't easy, it still isn't easy.
The weight & centimetres were lost in about 18 months & came off because I addressed old habits, changed my mindset and retaught myself how to fuel my body with nutritious food at the right time (I still ate chocolate and drank wine).
Jamie has been a godsend through my whole journey, she doesn't just want you to lose weight & get fit, she wants you to gain a holistic approach to health and wellbeing so that not only is your physical appearance affected positively but also your mental health too.
She's a firm believer in practicing what you preach & she works extremely hard to do this (I've seen it first hand).
So if you are thinking of taking control of your health & well being I'd highly recommend talking about your goals with Jamie! You won't regret it!
Amanda Stroh

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