50kg lighter & 6 dress sizes smaller, but that’s not the best bit

50kg lighter & 6 dress sizes smaller but that’s nothing compared to the psychological weight Kylie has lost

From the age of 15 Kylie was overweight and spent so much of her time, energy & finances on trying to be skinny. Looking for the magic answer, that perfect solution…..

Some attempts were successful – until she started to introduce every day foods again. Slowly but surely the weight would return; often she would end up heavier than when she started.

This cycle went on for 20+ years. Until in her early 40’s she stopped avoiding and confronted the truth.

At this point in her life, Kylie was suffering severe PND, she was depressed, had suicidal thoughts and generally believed she was of no value to herself, her friends or her family

It was a very dark time in her life. This darkness was further exasperated when she suffered 3 non-organic strokes. These strokes led to her spending time in rehabilitation, learning to walk, eat and perform daily tasks again.

When Kylie joined the Gym It studio it was time for her to commit to working on herself. She understood that it wasn’t going to be a quick fix and she was prepared to confront and tackle everything she’d be avoiding in her prior attempts

Over the past 3 years she has ignored all the fad diets; she has shoved to the side all the quick fix advertising; she has not dieted once.

Instead she has spent 3 years addressing the things she spent 20 years avoiding.

3 years working on her habits. Her habits around food, her habits relating to exercise and her habits that supported her negative beliefs in herself.

3 years of being commmitted, vulnerable and willing to work

Imagine the feeling of not only being 50kg lighter & 6 dress sizes smaller, but how much lighter you feel when your mind is filled with positive thought of yourself

Kylies journey has been remarkable and it’s honestly to much to put into one story. So we sat down and chatted about her entire journey. Three separate interviews covering the three different phases of her life.

From an overweight depressed woman who didn’t like herself, through her journey of weight loss and self discovery to a happy confident strong woman who loves and respects herself

She opens up with honesty and shares everything, including her honest & practical advice to anyone who is on the same path.

If you are ready to stop running; if you are ready to commit and to face and deal with all the things you’ve been avoiding so you can permanently achieve results – reach out. Myself and Kylie are happy to chat